Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Police Brutality Is Stupid

Police brutality is stupid.  It is a joke.  But let me explain what I mean.  I mean that police officers are NOT brutal, with a few exceptions.  The biggest problem is the fact that police brutality very rarely
happens, and when it does happen, that officer should be charged.  The liberals often say, “Well, he didn’t get a court case,” and yet they want to stone the officer without a trial.  Please take your time to watch this video about police brutality.  It's 2:38 in duration.  

Unfortunately everyone believes what they hear on the news.  Well, I shouldn’t say everyone.  I know I
don’t and a few others.  But let me give you an example.  Did any of you hear about that pool party event?  The liberals and the media said that the officer was being brutal, but I watched the video, and here is what I think.   

Number one is that the pool that these kids were taking over was a private community pool. 
Those kids had no right to be there.  A privately-paid security guard tried to stop them, but they just decided to jump the fence.

Now I will say that the officer wasn’t being the friendliest, but he had to play tough guy to make the 100+ kids listen.  When he tried to arrest the girl, she resisted, and he brought her to the ground.  The liberals said he body slammed her, but stop there for a bit.  If you watch the video, he used an arm bar to bring her down.  Lie number one. 

Right when he did that, a bunch of people charged at him.  If you look closely, there was a guy reaching for his own waistband.  When that officer did pull his gun, his finger was off the trigger, and he wasn’t pointing at anyone.

So at least in this case of brutality, the "brutality" was a joke.  Some people tell me that just because I want to be a police officer, I am biased.  I would have to disagree.  I do believe that there are a lot of times when officers do go over their authority, but at the same time, I don't believe that cops are out to get us.  So in summary of this all, I say don't believe the media all the time.  An interesting man to look up on YouTube is Sheriff David Clark.  He says it as it is.


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