Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Police Brutality Is Stupid

Police brutality is stupid.  It is a joke.  But let me explain what I mean.  I mean that police officers are NOT brutal, with a few exceptions.  The biggest problem is the fact that police brutality very rarely
happens, and when it does happen, that officer should be charged.  The liberals often say, “Well, he didn’t get a court case,” and yet they want to stone the officer without a trial.  Please take your time to watch this video about police brutality.  It's 2:38 in duration.  

Unfortunately everyone believes what they hear on the news.  Well, I shouldn’t say everyone.  I know I
don’t and a few others.  But let me give you an example.  Did any of you hear about that pool party event?  The liberals and the media said that the officer was being brutal, but I watched the video, and here is what I think.   

Number one is that the pool that these kids were taking over was a private community pool. 
Those kids had no right to be there.  A privately-paid security guard tried to stop them, but they just decided to jump the fence.

Now I will say that the officer wasn’t being the friendliest, but he had to play tough guy to make the 100+ kids listen.  When he tried to arrest the girl, she resisted, and he brought her to the ground.  The liberals said he body slammed her, but stop there for a bit.  If you watch the video, he used an arm bar to bring her down.  Lie number one. 

Right when he did that, a bunch of people charged at him.  If you look closely, there was a guy reaching for his own waistband.  When that officer did pull his gun, his finger was off the trigger, and he wasn’t pointing at anyone.

So at least in this case of brutality, the "brutality" was a joke.  Some people tell me that just because I want to be a police officer, I am biased.  I would have to disagree.  I do believe that there are a lot of times when officers do go over their authority, but at the same time, I don't believe that cops are out to get us.  So in summary of this all, I say don't believe the media all the time.  An interesting man to look up on YouTube is Sheriff David Clark.  He says it as it is.


Saturday, August 15, 2015

Wow, I have finally written!

Hey, you all.  I know it's been a LONG time since I have posted.  A lot has been happening since then.  The most interesting thing is that I joined the LifeStriders' staff.  My official title is the Assistant Barn Manager.  On December 20th LifeStriders had a Christmas party, and a couple hours before that I got a call from Chrystal (good friend and LifeStriders' program manager) who asked if I would be interested. And of course, I accepted that one.  They didn't have to beg me.  They are paying me for the occupational therapy classes on four days which means that I come in for a few hours on Wednesdays as well now.  I started at the beginning of the year.  Honestly it is not that much different from what I did before.  The cool thing is that now I have authority to get volunteers to do things when they need a little "encouragement".

Other than that, I haven't been doing much besides working for a couple different people.  Last fall I went over to a neighbor's house (who owns three horses), knocked on the door and basically asked if he would be interested in hiring me to feed/care for his horses.  Well, after talking to his wife they decided to hire me.  It is a great job because I can work when I have time to do stuff, and if I can't, that is fine by him. But the downside is he likes his horses fed "the earlier, the better".  So most every morning I am up by about 6:00 am.  I do enjoy the job though.  I have had to get used to getting up, as I used to sleep in a ton.

Probably the most interesting thing that I do is talk politics and Christianity with LifeStriders people. Now if you really know me, that ends up being most of what I talk about.  Recently I spoke with a woman who said she was a Christian, and I asked her what she would do if someone was living a life of sin in her church.  She said, "Well, it's none of my business."  I was shocked.  I mean if they won't call out a Christian brother, then how can the people in the church preach the gospel (or be light in this world)?  It also amazes me how people say "I am a Christian", but then you ask them questions about their faith, and people look like they have never spoken what they believe.

Here are a few pictures of me at LifeStriders.  The one below was taken when we had Milwaukee Public Television at LifeStriders because they were doing a show on LifeStriders.  My good friend Jesus (hay soos) is right next to me and Josh (who works for the United States Coast Guard) is to the far left.  The show is long (56 min.), and I am only in the audience clapping at minute 2:57.  Here's a link to it if you want to give it a peek.  http://www.lifestriders.org/blog/mptv-next-avenue-lifestriders
 This is one of our younger riders, Jed, who loves me and basically not many other people.
 Rob Conley (President of the Board) took this one of me bringing in horses for a lesson.
 Me with Jed again.
These were taken last week when a couple friends (also volunteers) were riding together outside.  I am the one in the back (blue lumberjack shirt).

Here I am on my favorite horse Xena.  While we were out and about, it started raining on us, so we went back to the barn.   As we were going back, right before the hill in front of the barn door, Xena decided to have a panic attack.  Now I know what you guys are wondering.  "Did he fall off?"  And my answer to that is "I did not."  In fact I held it together very well.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

LifeStriders: Gotta Love It

Yes, you do.  If you don't, you are crazy. :)  I have a few photos of me at LifeStriders.  Normally I end up not being there when there is a camera, but last Tuesday I got in a couple.  I don't really mind not being in pictures.  I have always tried to avoid pictures.  Anyway the first two are a couple months old, and the last two were on Tuesday.  Here I am with my favorite rider, Jed.  He is three years old.  He is very nice.  He likes to say no a lot.  Every night when he is done, he gives me a hug.
Below I am with Chrystal and the guys that put in the new arena floor.  On the last day they were there, I spent three and a half hours shoveling rubber mulch into the new LifeStriders arena.  LifeStriders hired some company to put in the new arena floor.  First they had to put down gravel and then three inches of sand.  Then we had to put down the rubber mulch which is like what they put on playgrounds.  They could not use their heavy equipment, so I helped them do it by hand.  The old stuff was hard on the horses' feet.  In the first picture above, you can see what it used to look like.  In the last two pictures you will see that the rubber got mixed in with the sand. 
Here is me with Jed again.  I had to sidewalk by myself because we did not have enough help last Tuesday.  When I sidewalk by myself, I put one arm on each side of him.  The horse (Scout) is really short, so I have to bend over sideways a little bit.
Now this one I am not in, but it is my hat on the horse.  Jed had picked it off and tossed it on the ground as he often does.  He likes to play with my hat.  Before we had time to turn Scout around, the girl leading Jessie took my hat and put it on Jessie.  The instructor thought it was very cute.  I asked her how come I am never called cute in it.  :)

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Drug Dealing

Well, not me, but let me tell you what I saw.  Last Monday I was with my friend Bill King.  Bill is a 
tree  trimmer.  He and I took down a couple trees.  While we were on the way to drop-off some brush, he had to stop at a gas station.  When we got to a pump, I noticed a white Ford Explorer sitting up by the doors, motor running.  Right before Bill got out, a green Ford Windstar screeched up right next to the Explorer.  A girl got out of the Windstar and got into the Explorer.  A couple minutes later, she got out and went over to the driver side door and knocked on the window.  A minute later the window rolled down, and a man handed her a box and a bag of stuff.  To me the bag looked like it had either cocaine rocks or some kind of pill.  The girl got back into the Explorer and then another minute later got out with a wad of cash in her hand.  She put it in the Windstar and then talked to the lady in the Explorer.  After that the Windstar peeled out.

Now I am not saying for sure that it was a drug deal, but it sure looked like it.  I was wearing my POLICE hat, and I was tempted to walk past them and stare at them to see if they got nervous.  I thought it was interesting that I happened to be there to see this all take place, just like an undercover cop might.

Have a nice day.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Secret Service

Yup, that is what I am posting about today.  I have always thought the Secret Service was a cool thing.  When I looked into the beginning of The Secret Service, I was surprised to see how it started.  

It all started around the time of the Civil War.  The Secret Service actually started to protect US money from counterfeiting.  The agency then evolved into the United States' first domestic intelligence and counterintelligence agency.  The Secret Service is a part of The Department of Homeland Security.  It used to be part of the Department of the Treasury.

The Secret Service has two main responsibilities, financial crime and protection.  By saying protection I mean ensuring the safety of current and former national leaders and their families, such as the President, past presidents, vice presidents, presidential candidates, visiting heads of state, and foreign embassies [per an agreement with the U.S. State Department's Bureau of Diplomatic Security (DS)].  It is very hard to get on presidential detail.  Also you can only be on for a maximum of five years.  In the presidential motorcade (right behind the limo) is a Suburban.  Inside that Suburban is an emergency response team trained to deal with any situation.
I think it is cool that they have to wear suits every day.  By the way, the Secret Service agent's suit coat is specially tailored to hide his big handgun.  Most agents carry an FN Five-seveN handgun.

Remember when I went to DC?  It was Secret Service city.  It is dumb because the Secret Service had marked vehicles that said "US Secret Service".  How secret is that?

Last Tuesday was my first time riding a horse.  Chrystal (the manager at LifeStriders) is going to be teaching me how to ride for a minimal price.  It was a lot different than I expected.  I was more expecting a chair-type thing,but you are almost standing, and you are sure up high.  I never expected to be so high up.  I was on the biggest horse there.  His name is Elliot.  He is my second favorite.
That is about it for the day.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

The Beginning...

of SWAT teams that is.  So here is the event that started SWAT teams.  (Other departments have Emergency Response Teams instead of SWAT teams.)  The event is most commonly known as the Texas Tower Shooting.  It happened August 1, 1966.  Down in Texas at the Tower near The University of Texas in Austin, a man and former Marine (Charles Whitman by name) went up into a tower and started shooting people from up high.  He killed 16 and wounded 32.  Prior to the shootings at the University of Texas, Whitman had murdered both his wife and mother in Austin so that they would not be embarrassed by his actions.  So the police could not do much because they were pinned down by his fire.  One officer was killed, Billy Speed.  A police sniper tried shooting Whitman from a plane, but it did not work, and the sniper was getting shot at.  Three officers eventually were able to get to the top of the tower and kill Whitman with two shots from a double-barreled shotgun filled with buckshot.
There were no police departments at that time that had SWAT teams.  Police departments everywhere decided to start SWAT teams soon after the tower shooting.  So there you have the beginning of SWAT teams.  
Last Saturday we helped move the son of a friend of my parents to our old house.  He had a ton of stuff.  He was a bigger pack rat than us.  After that Eric and I went over to Jason Storms' (our assistant pastor) for dinner.